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The Global Esports Federation Approves Commissions for 2021

New and evolved Commissions to power-up continued growth

The Global Esports Federation announces the Commissions for 2021 to continue the robust work the GEF Board and Commissions have accomplished over the launch year.

The 10 GEF Commissions and 2 Advisory Councils will be led by members of the GEF Board, with contributions from world-leading experts from the esports and sports communities, corporate governance, technology, and business sectors. The Commissions will help guide the GEF in fulfilling its mission to promote the credibility, legitimacy, and prestige of esports, and in developing a safe, healthy, and sustainable esports ecosystem.

“The Global Esports Federation will continue to draw on a diverse range of experience and expertise from the world’s esports and sporting communities. I trust that the GEF Commissions and all appointed members will play an active role in advising the GEF Board and facilitating the dynamic work and development in convening the world’s esports community,” said Chris Chan, President, Global Esports Federation.

“These important Commissions drive the evolution of the organisation. We have assembled more than 120 Commission members representative of the community whom we serve, convene, and collaborate with. The Commissions are a driving force within the GEF and a central point of our organizational governance structures,” remarked T.A. Ganda Sithole, GEF Vice President & Chair, Governance, Ethics & Membership Commission.

The Global Esports Federation Commissions 2021:

1. Athletes, Players, Community (APC)

2. Brand, Marketing, Commercial, Communications (BMCC)

3. Digital, Technology, Innovation, Active Esports (DTIA)

4. Education, Culture, Youth (ECY)

5. Finance, Legal, Administration (FLA)

6. Governance, Ethics & Membership (GEM)

7. Health & Wellness (HWC)

8. Technical, Standards & Properties (TSP)

9. International Relations & Development (IRD)

10. Global Esports Games 2021 Coordination (CoCom)

11. International Federations Advisory Council (IFAC)

12. Publishers and Developers Advisory Council (PDAC)


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