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Empowering Esports Education
The Global Esports Academy is a tangible initiative of the Global Esports Federation, powered by the GEF Education, Culture and Youth Commission and activities of GEF’s worldwide Education Alliance partners.

We empower grassroots esports development that elevates the esports community and youth development through a series of educational and other resources.

Resources and Services

The Global Esports Academy provides complimentary resources, focusing on:

  • online safety & safeguarding,

  • health and wellness,

  • introduction to esports and career pathways,


These resources are delivered through the Global Esports Academy’s strategic collaborations with the world’s leading esports, gaming, technology and academic communities.

Coaching Accreditation & Recognition

Working with renowned experts and utilizing internationally recognized theory and practice, the Global Esports Academy offers a global coaching framework and associated pathways leading to esports coaching accreditation.

We develop the standards to empower grassroots esports development in a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment. The accreditation process requires appropriate identity verification, security background verification, as well as mandatory safeguarding, and health and wellness coursework.

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Professional Development

The Global Esports Academy curates a range of continuing professional development resources, pathways and opportunities, in collaboration with our leading global industry partners, for community members, coaches and industry professionals.

Content and Curricula Development

Together with the world’s academic community, we develop resources and programs for all ages and stages of the education pathway – primary and kindergarten through to postgraduate – offering esports as a viable and legitimate component for youth development.

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