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Global Esports Federation unveils new opportunities for #worldconnected community

The GEF Board approves the establishment of new global initiatives and organizational development with new appointments

The Global Esports Federation held its 6th Board Meeting on April 7, 2022, convened by Chris Chan, President of the GEF. The GEF continues to chart remarkable progress and remains committed to its mission to elevate esports on the world stage.

“The past year has demonstrated the power of our #worldconnected community. We successfully staged the inaugural Global Esports Games in Singapore amidst uncertainties during the global pandemic. Together with our partners and global community, we heralded the new year with renewed optimism and are ready to unveil even more new and exciting opportunities. We are proud to have announced yet another initiative – the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championships in Birmingham this August, and we will head to our second Global Esports Games in Istanbul this December,” remarked Chris Chan, President of the GEF.

Global Esports Academy

The CEO of the GEF, Paul J. Foster, briefed the Board on the progress and significant opportunities available to its #worldconnected community during the meeting. The GEF Board unanimously approved the establishment of the Global Esports Academy aimed at preparing the next generation to enter the esports ecosystem. The Academy will cover three focus areas – coaching standards and accreditation, education and curriculum development, and Membership support and platforms (GEFx).

The Global Esports Academy will be supported by education professionals including experts from British Esports, led by Tom Dore, Head of Education at British Esports and the GEF’s Head of Education Focus Group. Activation will initially focus on the members of the GEF Education Alliance and extend to the entire community over time.

Global Innovation and Research Centers (IRCs)

The GEF recently announced plans to launch the Global Innovation and Research Centers (IRCs) in strategic key cities around the world. The IRCs will support the GEF’s worldwide headquarters in Singapore. Meanwhile, the GEF’s newly announced Global Strategy Partner, Portas Consulting, will support the program’s development and progress.

The GEF Organizational Development

The GEF is set to expand its organizational development plans with the GEF Board approving the CEO’s proposed strategy to strengthen the organization’s resource planning. A global search has commenced for a Chief Operating Officer to lead the Group Division of Operations, comprising the Esports, Global Events, and Communications divisions.

Meanwhile, the appointment of Specialist Advisors, including a newly established Senior Advisor for Science, Innovation and Technology community (SIT), will act in support of the GEF Metaverse Council (MCO) and the GEF | UN ITU Universal Framework on Esports Standards (UES) project.

The GEF Board is proud to confirm the appointment of two-time Olympian and Singapore Nominated Member of Parliament, Mark Chay, as Executive Director, Community and Administration (CAA), as well as veteran Management Advisor and Strategist, Thanos Karagrounas, as Executive Director, Strategy and Impact (SAI). Additionally, the CEO has strengthened the Communications team with the promotion of Gabriel Q. Chan to Director of Communications – coupled with additional resources and a new social media team to amplify the communication division for the GEF and its global community.

“The GEF is ready to leap into a great new future where opportunities are limitless. We have established the resources necessary to continue growing and support our Member Federations, Development Federations, Global Events Portfolio, Global Social Impact Initiatives, and to enhance our 26 global partnerships,” remarked Paul J. Foster, CEO of the GEF.

The GEF Board received the first reports from the recently established Youth Council and the Metaverse Council during the meeting. The next GEF Board Meeting is scheduled to be held on August 4, 2022, ahead of the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championships.


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