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International Day of Play: Embracing the Power of Play in Childhood

The Global Esports Federation proudly joins the United Nations in celebrating the International Day of Play on June 11, recognizing the fundamental right of every child to engage in play and its vital role in fostering human development, well-being, and global unity. 

As a leading voice in the esports community, we firmly believe that play is not merely a means of entertainment but a crucial aspect of childhood growth and development. Through our mission and values, we aim to promote the transformative power of play and ensure that children across the globe have access to diverse and enriching play experiences that cultivate their overall well-being. 

The Right to Play: A Fundamental Human Right 

The GEF supports the belief that every child has the fundamental right to play. Through our advocacy efforts for this right, we are dedicated to ensuring that children everywhere have access to play, recognizing its pivotal role in developing essential life skills, enhancing mental health, and encouraging a love for learning. 

Childhood development is deeply rooted in the act of play, which allows children to explore their creativity, develop social skills, and learn about the world around them. Through play, children can express their emotions, build resilience, learn new things , and cultivate a sense of joy and wonder. By ensuring that all children have the opportunity to play, we are investing in their future and setting them up to become well-rounded, confident individuals. 

Digital Playground and Active Play: Striking a Balance 

Within the technological environment of today, the GEF recognizes the importance of guiding children to engage in a blend of digital and physical play that is both enriching and balanced. We encourage children to explore interactive and educational digital platforms that can enhance their skills while still enjoying the fun of being a child. 

We aim to leverage technology’s capabilities to support children's development, creativity, and educational journeys by promoting a thoughtful approach to play in today's digital era. We believe digital tools can be powerful allies in enhancing children's playtime, providing them with engaging and educational content that sparks their imagination and curiosity. 

At the same time, we highlight the value of active play, motivating children to engage in both digital interactive tools and physical activities, to promote their overall well-being. By balancing digital and physical experiences, we can ensure that children continue to grow and thrive in a world increasingly shaped by technology. 

Celebrating the Transformative Impact of Play 

As we celebrate the International Day of Play, the Global Esports Federation reaffirms its commitment to promoting the right to play and encouraging a balanced approach to active play, encompassing both interactive digital tools and physical experiences. By embracing the power of play, we can create a world where children thrive, learn, and grow, ultimately contributing to a more just, equitable, and connected global community. 

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