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Global Unity in Learning

Nurturing Lasting Peace through UNESCO’s International Day of Education

The Global Esports Federation presented ‘Fit for Life Day’ during the Pan American Esports Championships in Santiago, Chile, with over 400 students representing schools across Santiago. The initiative underscores the transformative power of esports, promoting mental health and wellness and societal inclusivity within global communities. Photo: GEF, Ben Queenborough.

As the world celebrates the International Day of Education today, the spotlight on the vital role education plays in fostering peace and development is more critical than ever. This year's theme, “Learning for Lasting Peace”, propels UNESCO's efforts to address the escalating challenges of global conflicts, hate speech, harassment, and discrimination. In a world where millions of children are out of school and adults grapple with illiteracy, the call for transformative learning becomes an urgent imperative. UNESCO's commitment to the pivotal role of education and teachers in countering hate speech underscores the need for global unity to promote lasting peace.

“In the world of esports, we recognize the transformative power of education, not only in fostering gaming skills but also in promoting the values of cooperation, understanding, and tolerance. Let our commitment to learning be a driving force for lasting peace in both the digital and real worlds,” expressed Jerry Ling, Chair of ECY Commission, Global Esports Federation.

Global Citizenship Education: UNESCO's Vision

In an era of unprecedented connectivity, UNESCO's Global Citizenship Education (GCED) stands as a guiding light, inspiring learners to contribute positively on a global scale. The GEF aligns seamlessly with this vision by promoting the credibility, legitimacy, and prestige of esports across its #worldconnectced community. The GEF brings together athletes, players, and industry leaders on an inclusive platform, fostering a sense of global citizenship that transcends borders.

Unlike traditional citizenship tied to nations, global citizenship transcends borders, cultivating a mindset that connects individuals to a broader global community. GCED adapts curricula to offer insights into global challenges, nurturing skills like critical thinking and empathy. The holistic approach revitalizes education systems, supporting tailored curricula that align with Sustainable Development Goals, molding responsible, empathetic global citizens.

UNESCO's Guide on Addressing Hate Speech through Education

In response to the UN Strategy on Hate Speech, UNESCO and UNOSAPG have joined forces to create a guide for policymakers and educators. This innovative tool underscores the role of education in fostering discernment between free speech and hate speech. The GEF’s commitment to responsible gaming and fair play aligns with this initiative, as it advocates for media literacy as a defense against divisive narratives and encourages open discussions on problematic curricula. The GEF’s inclusive platform also promotes the creation of an environment where diversity is celebrated, mirroring UNESCO's comprehensive approach that extends beyond the classroom.

UNESCO's Recommendation on Education for Peace, Human Rights, and Sustainable Development

UNESCO's groundbreaking Recommendation on Education for Peace, Human Rights, and Sustainable Development reshapes the future of education with 14 guiding principles. It addresses physical and mental health, climate change, and knowledge beyond classrooms, emphasizing empathy, critical thinking, and environmental stewardship. The GEF, through its mission to cultivate competition and develop communities, plays a pivotal role in promoting these principles by celebrating the universality of global esports and showcasing the responsible use of technological development.

Bridging the Digital Divide: The Nexus of Technology, Education, and Global Peace

In the digital age, technology, education, and digital skills intersect to shape minds and contribute to a more peaceful world. Digital literacy has become a prerequisite for navigating the interconnected global landscape. With its focus on technology, esports, and the connection between sport, esports, and technology, GEF contributes to bridging the digital gap by promoting universal technology access, digital skills development, and addressing privacy and online safety concerns.

As we celebrate UNESCO's 2024 International Day of Education, the call for global unity in learning resonates strongly. Education emerges as a powerful tool for promoting peace, inclusivity, and understanding. Bridging the digital gap ensures that the benefits of technology are shared by all, creating a pathway to lasting global peace. UNESCO's initiatives, from Global Citizenship Education to addressing hate speech and recommending education for peace, provide a roadmap for nations to embrace transformative learning. As we navigate the digital frontier, let education be our compass, guiding us toward a harmonious world where enlightened minds lead the way to lasting global peace, with the GEF playing a crucial role in this collective journey.


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