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Singapore 2021 Global Esports Games Breaks the Meta with Opening Ceremony

From left: Chair of the Singapore 2021 Global Esports Games Organizing Committee Ms Ng Shin Ein, Singapore Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Second Minister for Law Mr Edwin Tong, and Global Esports Federation President Mr Chris Chan after the GEG was declared open.

Following an opening ceremony that involved a scintillating display of mixed reality, entertainment, and even pyrotechnics, the inaugural Global Esports Games in Singapore is now officially underway. The ceremony kicked off with a trailer that featured some of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks with a special added touch: the three titles contested at the GEG: Dota 2, Street Fighter V: Championship Edition, and eFootball 2022.

Watch the full opening ceremony here:

Here are some of the most memorable moments from the 30-minute opening:

Competing at the Highest Level

The goal of the Games was always to promote the power of esports and allow athletes across geographies to compete at the highest levels, said Ms Ng Shin Ein, Chair, Organizing Committee of Singapore 2021 Global Esports Games. And just like any other sport, esports athletes go through much to get to the elite level. "Most people focus on the fun part of esports, overlooking that esports is also physically and mentally demanding," she said.

Mr Chris Chan, President of the Global Esports Federation, also took to the stage to welcome the guests. "Across the GEF's first two years, we have seen unparalleled growth in esports around the world. And we have been proud to help unlock and shape the potential for athletes and gamers around the world to compete and shine at the pinnacle of esports," he said. "Despite our challenges and distance between us, we are indeed #worldconnected. The time is now for esports.”

ShiGGa Shay Goes Meta

The opening ceremony then started with a form of performance that is not often seen. Wearing a motion capture suit and rapping his new single, ShiGGa Shay was seen both on stage as well as in the form of a virtual avatar in the metaverse.

Singapore rapper ShiGGa Shay in a mixed reality performance at the opening ceremony.

His smooth moves and crisp rapping of his electronic pop rap “uTopia reimagined: chasing” took centerstage, and had many heads bobbing in the arena. We imagine, many in the virtual world too.

GEF Flag Moment

With ShiGGa’s phygital crossover act setting the scene, the next segment of the event featured even more technology. Using augmented reality, the GEF Flag was unveiled to re-emphasize the power of such events to bring people together. It served as a perfect introduction to all the players who took pains and spared no effort in flying into Singapore from across the globe, just to compete live at one of the year’s biggest international tournaments. After all the athletes, officials, and the rest of the community took part in an oath, Mr Edwin Tong, Singapore’s Minister for Culture, Community and Youth declared the GEG officially open. With his palms over a glass globe, Mr Tong, who is also Singapore’s Second Minister for Law, opened the event with a display of pyrotechnics, lighting the arena and igniting the excitement for the games ahead.

GEG action is LIVE from 18-19 December. Stream online on our Twitch, YouTube, and the GEG Facebook page.


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