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Shaping the Future of Active Esports in the Metaverse

The Global Esports Federation welcomes Arcadia and Session Games as Development Partners

The Global Esports Federation expands its strategic efforts in shaping the future of active esports, welcoming Arcadia and Session Games as Development Partners. Esports has redefined the sporting landscape through gamification, augmented and virtual realities, driving greater youth participation, loyal passionate fans, and engagement as sports, esports, music and culture unite in the metaverse. The convergence of esports and sports, too, presents unique opportunities in amplifying voices for equality, diversity, and inclusion.

“Esports and its immersive culture holds the keys to the metaverse”, said Paul J. Foster, CEO of the GEF. “The seamless convergence of real and virtual worlds is increasingly changing the way we interact, play and work – this is life. We welcome Arcadia and Session Games to the GEF family. Together, we continue to help shape the future of human connections in the metaverse and expand the application of active esports.”

Arcadia sets out to bridge the gap between sports and gaming for the next generation of fans to watch, play, and enjoy. Summer 2021 saw a historic collaboration between Arcadia and Warner Bros. with the launch of “Space Jam: A New Legacy” – a groundbreaking virtual game and fan activation.

“Building a sport for the metaverse that promotes the values of health and wellness for a better humanity is going to require the work of many gifted partners. This is why we are so excited to be joining the Global Esports Federation as a Development Partner,” said Chris Olimpo, Co-founder and CEO, Arcadia.

Session Games brings to the gaming world their unique pedigree of original games, including creative execution of active esports titles such as the first Esports Alpine World Ski Championships in partnership with the International Ski Federation (FIS).

Ian Verchere, Co-founder and CEO of Session Games, said, “Session is stoked to join the Global Esports Federation community. We share a passion for quality games that are socially competitive and contribute to the growth of virtual sports.”

Arcadia and Session Games join GEF Global Partner Refract Technologies, who recently launched “Virtual Taekwondo”, the next-generation of virtual sport with World Taekwondo, to further develop active esports in the metaverse. Refract will be showcasing Freestriker – an immersive, non-contact virtual sport played using a precise, real-time motion tracking system called AXIS, which maps the player’s full-body movements to turn martial arts skills into a dynamic, exciting, virtual competition, at the upcoming Singapore 2021 Global Esports Games.

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