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Rivals team up to deliver a #worldconnected #GEG22 insiders’ guide to Street Fighter V

Defending champion GamerBee and Azerbaijani challenger sTaLK share a deep appreciation of everything Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and the Global Esports Games have to offer

GamerBee of Chinese Taipei, and sTaLK of Azerbaijan.
GamerBee of Chinese Taipei, and sTaLK of Azerbaijan. Photo: Ben Queenborough/GEF

Twelve months ago, GamerBee and sTaLK left the Global Esports Federation’s inaugural flagship tournament in Singapore with very different results. But despite the former heading back to Chinese Taipei with a gold medal around his neck while the latter lost in the opening rounds, both are equally excited about once again showcasing their talent on the biggest esports stage of all.

With Street Fighter having given the duo everything from confidence in themselves, to respect for others, and a thirst for innovation, GamerBee and sTaLK have paired up to peel back the layers on their favorite title.

Fear no one; respect everyone

“You need a lot of things to be great in Street Fighter,” GamerBee said, laughing, before agreeing to explain in a little more detail. “You need a little talent, you have to work hard, and you have to do a lot of research and study.”

The 43-year-old Global Esports Games champion knows this better than anyone. He spent years and years revering a succession of renowned Japanese athletes. But eventually, the hours he spent analyzing every second of their fights on YouTube paid off.

“When I started traveling in 2010, I dominated every Japanese player. That was when I realized how good I was. Before that, I didn’t have that confidence against Japanese players,” he explained. “If you fear people too much you will never beat them. You need to have confidence in yourself.”

It is a mantra that sTaLK adheres to just as keenly.

“You have to absolutely trust yourself in this game,” he agreed. “All the actions are on you, you are absolutely responsible for your character, for your performance.”

How to excel in virtual ‘chess’

Add on the fact that “right in front of you is the other guy and he also has his plan for the game”, and you can see why GamerBee likens Street Fighter to “chess”. And just like chess, he is adamant you must keep your opponent guessing.

“You need imagination. You have to develop some skills that others don’t know. You need imagination to think, ‘Oh, I should do this now’.

“That is what makes you unique, and if you are unique, it will be really hard for others to beat you.”

Playing Street Fighter V: Champion Edition at #GEG22

While the pair share so much, they do differ in strategy. GamerBee has put plenty of time into researching one of the characters – he is keen not to reveal which – and he will be sticking with his choice as he seeks to defend his title.

“You have to find which one fits your own style,” he said simply, before acknowledging that “some players will prepare two or three characters”.

sTaLK is just one of those players. He feels he needs options this year after loving but struggling in 2021’s talent showcase.

“I didn’t do very well. I was competing with beasts, absolute beasts,” the Baku resident said with a booming laugh. “But I took a huge experience out of it. When you are meeting so many people and making new friends, that’s huge.

“I have some experience working in events and I know if everything is smooth for us players then it means there is huge work that has been done by the organizers. I see it here and I am very excited to be a part of it again.”


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