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The Global Esports Federation Expands Commitment to Health and Wellness in Esports

Health and Wellness Commission convenes experts for a healthy esports ecosystem

The Global Esports Federation expands its commitment to encourage active youth, focusing on the overall wellbeing, health, and performance of esports athletes and players, led by the Health and Wellness Commission.

“Esports can be physically and mentally demanding at both professional and amateur levels. Just like traditional sport athletes, regular exercise, sleep, and nutrition are as important to the overall wellbeing and performance of any esports player,” said Melita N. Moore, M.D., Board Member and Chair of the Health and Wellness Commission, Global Esports Federation. “I’m honored to be part of this pioneering global platform that focuses on driving performance, wellness and healthy lifestyle for esports athletes and players worldwide.”

The GEF forged a Global Partnership with Singapore-based Thomson X in 2020 and established the Performance+ wellness initiative to encourage responsible esports and promoting optimized performance, wellness, and balanced lifestyle. International football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo announced the initiative which assembles a world-class collective of leaders and mentors as role models to lead on various aspects of health and wellness.

The Health and Wellness Commission taps into the expertise of a diverse group of international healthcare and wellness professionals, including specialized knowledge and skills in psychology, neuropsychiatry, physiotherapy, chiropractic, sleep medicine, ophthalmology, sports nutrition, physical movement, yoga and mindfulness, as well as global academics from esports and sports science.

A quadruple Board certified sports medicine physician and team doctor for world champion NBA 2K and WNBA team, and for the NBA, Dr. Moore will lead members from the Health and Wellness Commission, contributing to the design and development of initiatives that create tangible projects and educational resources, aimed at improving the overall health and wellness of the esports community, while promoting performance and leveled-up participation.

“There is a lack of awareness, understanding, and guidance on health and wellness pertaining to esports. While I’ve always emphasized that exercise is medicine, mental health, nutrition education, and eye health are other aspects of wellness we will focus on in our work on the GEF Health and Wellness Commission. We are proud of the focus and various wellness initiatives that the Global Esports Federation and our partners champion,” added Dr. Moore.


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