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Legendary Partnership Promoting Optimal Performance, Health and Wellness in Esports

Partnership with Thomson X establishes world-class collective of experts and role models to power-up initiatives aimed at health, wellness and performance

The Global Esports Federation welcomes Thomson X as Global Partner as part of its commitment to encourage active youth that focuses on the overall wellbeing and performance of athlete and players. The global partnership aims to lead the esports community through its Performance+ wellness initiative – encouraging responsible esports and promoting optimized performance, wellness and balanced lifestyle.

Conceptualized and developed in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, the programs are designed to inspire and empower youth to make active healthy lifestyle choices leveraging the captivating power of virtual sports and active esports through digital technology.

“We proudly welcome Thomson X as a Global Partner and a Founding Member of the GEF’s Focus Group on Wellness," said Chris Chan, President, Global Esports Federation. “The Global Esports Federation is firmly committed to the health and wellbeing of athletes and players as a core pillar of our organization. We work with global leaders and experts in the medical and scientific realms and directly with the esports community to develop wellness initiatives that enhance quality of life and encourage active sustainable communities.”

“Thomson X is honored to partner with the Global Esports Federation, sharing its vision for a safe, inclusive and healthy esports ecosystem that celebrates and inspires youth,” remarked Kiat Lim, Director, Thomson X and Founding Member, Focus Group on Wellness, Global Esports Federation. “Working in synergy with Thomson Medical Group, we look forward to leveraging our networks in support of the world’s esports community, focusing on wellness in order to realize our vision for a sustainable future in esports for all.”

The Performance+ initiative will assemble a world-class collective of leaders and mentors as role models to lead on various aspects of health and wellness. Iconic athletes and players from both the esports and sporting worlds will join in various global wellness initiatives and be part of education and awareness platforms that inspire athletes, players and people everywhere.

“Overall health and wellness of athletes and players are essential as we encourage healthier choices for a new generation in esports and sport. The Global Esports Federation welcomes the World Health Organization’s recently announced guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behavior that underlines the importance of sport and physical activity that can contribute directly to physical and mental wellbeing,” said Melita N. Moore, M.D., Member of the GEF Board and Head of GEF’s Focus Group on Wellness.

“As leaders in the medical and esports communities, we are focused on designing and developing holistic models that support the overall wellbeing of athletes and players, offering resources and education that promote optimized performance and leveled-up participation.”

Immediate areas of focus for the Performance+ program include initiatives that aim at optimal performance across five realms of health and wellness – physical, mental, vision, nutrition, and social.


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