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Global Esports Tour kicks off with Counter-Strike 2 at GET24 Rio de Janeiro

Pro-series esports tournament unites world’s best in competitive gaming

The Global Esports Federation proudly launches the Global Esports Tour Season 4 (GET24), kicking off with an electrifying showdown in Rio de Janeiro from April 18 to 21, 2024. GET24 promises to be a thrilling showcase of professional esports competitions staged in truly global cities.

The Global Esports Tour brings together top-tier esports teams from around the world to compete in single-title tournaments. An unprecedented prize bank is on the line in each stage, as well as the coveted GET24 Trophy.


GET24 will commence in Rio de Janeiro with an exciting Counter-Strike 2 tournament where eight teams battle for a prize bank of $200,000. The Brazilian Confederation of Games and Esports (CBGE) will stage the fierce competition, creating unforgettable moments for players and fans worldwide.

Adding to the spectacle at GET24 in Rio de Janeiro is the Women's Challenge: COPA RIO. Four top teams — FURIA, FLUXO, MiBr, and W7M — join the fray, competing to take the COPA RIO crown.

The GEF #worldconnected community can look forward to the upcoming highlights of GET24:

  • April: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷

  • May: Ningbo, China 🇨🇳

  • June: Baku, Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

  • July: Manila, Philippines 🇵🇭

  • September: Kuching, Malaysia 🇲🇾

Further highlights of the GET24 season include stages in Istanbul, cities in North America and South Asia, and an exciting finale in Singapore to close the year.


"Global Esports Tour Season 4 represents a great step forward for our powerful GET program development. Rio de Janeiro will be a great way to start this year’s season. We are proud to present a dynamic line-up of great titles in global cities for the athletes and fans worldwide.”
~ Mario Cilenti, Chief Operating Officer, Global Esports Federation


“GET24 Rio de Janeiro is a testament to Brazil's passion for esports. We are honored that the Global Esports Federation chose Brazil to open Global Esports Tour Season 4. We can’t wait to welcome the world to our vibrant city, and we look forward to delivering an unforgettable experience for players and spectators alike.”
 ~ Paulo Ribas, President, Brazilian Confederation of Games and Esports (CBGE)

Join us as we embark on an exhilarating journey through the world of esports with Global Esports Tour Season 4. Subscribe to the GEF YouTube and Twitch channels to watch live streams of the fascinating competitions.


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