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Global Esports Federation welcomes VSPN as Strategic Partner

Partnership set to expand the GEF’s global events portfolio and engagement in China and South Korea

The Global Esports Federation confirms its latest Strategic Partner, VPSN (Versus Programming Network) to support the development, hosting, and staging of GEF’s Flagship and Marquee events in China and South Korea. The announcement was made at the Commonwealth Esports Championships in Birmingham.

“It is fantastic to be invited to join the Global Esports Federation in Birmingham at the first-ever Commonwealth Esports Championships. The Federation is doing vital work and now is the right time to join forces and take esports to the next level. VSPN very much looks forward to working with the GEF in the coming years, ”expressed Dino Ying, Founder, Chairman and CEO of VSPN, who joined the GEF President’s reception and announcement held at the Commonwealth Esports Championships in Birmingham, England.

“We are excited to expand our #worldconnected community and are thrilled to welcome VSPN to our GEFamily. We have once again witnessed the energy of athletes and fans at the first Commonwealth Esports Championships in Birmingham. We can’t wait to bring that excitement to even more cities around the world together with VSPN,” said Paul J. Foster, CEO of the GEF.

VSPN is Asia’s leading total esports solution provider, focusing on esports tournament operations, commercialization, content matrix and integrated marketing, talent incubation and management, and esports venue development, among others. VSPN is dedicated to creating inspiring content and products for global esports enthusiasts, promoting esports as the sport and entertainment of the next generation.

As a Strategic Partner, VSPN will work with the GEF to provide the necessary capabilities, technology, and infrastructure to better develop and shape the global esports industry.


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