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Global Esports Federation Joins United Nations Initiative for Climate Action

Driving awareness in the esports community to combat climate change and build sustainable communities worldwide

The Global Esports Federation is proud to join the UNFCCC’s Sports for Climate Action initiative as a signatory to the Sports for Climate Action Framework.

The Sports for Climate Action initiative calls on sporting organizations to acknowledge the contribution of the esports and sports sectors to climate change and our responsibility to strive towards climate neutrality for a safer planet.

Through collective action and bold leadership, we have the power to make this fast and drastic transformation. By signing the Framework Agreement, we demonstrate our commitment to playing our part to ensure the esports and sports sectors are on the path to a low-carbon future.

In line with the five core principles enshrined in the Framework and the aims of the Paris Agreement, the GEF will strive to:

1. promote greater environmental responsibility;

2. reduce the overall climate impact from esports and sports;

3. use our platform to educate for climate action;

4. promote sustainable and responsible consumption; and

5. advocate for climate action through our communications.

“Esports and gaming are powerful platforms for connection, for creating awareness, and to generate impact in combating climate change, across all parts of the diverse ecosystem,” said Paul J. Foster, Chief Operating Officer, Global Esports Federation. “Joining the Sports for Climate Action marks a great leap forward for the world’s esports community in the fight against climate change. We reaffirm our commitment to contribute to sustainable communities worldwide and call upon our Members to help and drive the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals with real action.”

UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Patricia Espinosa, explained, “Sports organizations and athletes are in a unique position in the race against climate change ‘because sports touches on every cross-section of society’.”

With this in mind, we hope our commitment will inspire our fans, community, and government to raise their climate ambition in a united effort to limit global warming to 1.5ºC. This is a race we can—and must—win to avoid significantly worsening the risk of droughts, floods, extreme heat, and poverty for hundreds of millions of people.


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