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Global Esports Federation reveals Season 4 of Global Esports Tour from Rio de Janeiro

Top Counter-Strike 2 teams compete for $200,000 prize bank at GET Rio

L-R: Colonel Roberto, Commander of the Copacabana Fort; Paulo Ribas, President of CBGE; Rafael Picciani, State Secretary for Sport and Leisure; Rodrigo Castro, State Secretary for Events and Promotion of Rio de Janeiro State; Mario Cilenti, Executive Director, Operations, GEF; Cadu Albuquerque, President of FERJEE - Rio de Janeiro State eSport Federation; at the launch of Global Esports Tour 2024 at Rio de Janeiro.

The Global Esports Federation’s pro-series – Global Esports Tour (GET) – will kick off its next season in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in April 2024. Staged by the Brazilian Confederation of Games and Esports (CBGE) and strongly supported by Brazil’s National, State and Local partners. The event promises intense competition and a boost for economic and tourism development in the vibrant city.


GET Rio 2024, the first stage of a multi-year Global Esports Tour slated for Brazil from 2024 to 2026, is set to feature the Counter-Strike 2 championship with eight Open teams and four Women’s teams, competing for the coveted prize bank of $200,000. Beyond intense gaming action, the Rio Free Fire Cup (JEDIS), cosplay performance, conference panels, art and urban culture will enhance this innovative event.


“With the selection of Rio de Janeiro as the launch site for the Global Esports Tour 2024, we are embracing the passion and commitment of the Brazilian esports community. This marks a pivotal moment in elevating Brazil's position in the world of esports. As we expand our global GET portfolio, we are proud to appoint GEF’s Director of Programs and Content, Eric F. Brinkley, as our first GET Commissioner.”
~ Paul J. Foster, GEF CEO


“We are honored to host our first stage of the Global Esports Tour over the next three years. This is a tremendous opportunity to showcase the world’s talented esports athletes, promote esports in our region, and develop the esports industry in Brazil."
~ Paulo Ribas, President of CBGE

“We are preparing an epic event,” added Paulo. “It will be a great party, a true convergence between competition and entertainment in one of the most vibrant destinations in the world.” 


This initiative is not only about competition but also about transforming cities. Rodrigo Castro, State Secretary for Events and Promotion of Rio de Janeiro State, emphasizes, "In addition to contributing to the state’s economy, esports is a way of transforming lives. It is a privilege to bring an international event to Rio de Janeiro with content including music, the arts and culture. We are proud to be the hosts of this major event for our diverse, young community.”


The support from the State Government, Ministry of Sports, State Secretariat of Sports, and Suderj underscores the collaborative effort to make the Global Esports Tour a transformative experience for Rio de Janeiro and the esports community. 


Mario Cilenti, GEF Executive Director, Operations, highlights Brazil's significance in the esports landscape, saying, “Brazil is a key growth region for esports, and we believe this event will not only showcase the talent of professional esports athletes but also provide an opportunity to continue to fuel growth in this powerful region.”


The Global Esports Tour is staged in the world’s true global cities throughout the year. GET features peak competition showcasing elite-level esports teams compete for a coveted prize bank.


Stay tuned for more information about this exciting event that promises to make Rio de Janeiro a landmark destination for esports enthusiasts worldwide.


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