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Global Esports Federation expands reach with Oceania Esports Development Federation

Esports Development Federations lead and support development, education, and growth of esports community across continents

The Global Esports Federation announced the establishment of the Oceania Esports Development Federation, a part of its commitment to the sustainable development of esports communities around the world.

Rebecca (Bex) Smith, two-time World Cup and Olympic footballer, and captain of New Zealand national team, shared her thoughts as President of the Oceania Esports Development Federation,

“I am thrilled to help shape the Oceania Esports Development Federation to rally our continent in the global esports movement. Together, we will help share sustainable growth, empowerment, and education opportunities – playing our part in the #worldconnected community”.

The Oceania Esports Development Federation joins the Africa Esports Development Federation and the Pan Am Esports Federation, which were established in 2021, to provide resources, education, and support to deliver on the GEF’s mission of being in service to the esports community worldwide.

The Oceania Esports Development Federation is led by:


Rebecca (Bex) Smith

Member, GEF Athletes, Players, Community Commission

Vice President:

​Eric J. Blas

President, Guam Esports Federation

Secretary General:

Duane Mutu

Vice President, New Zealand Esports Federation

Member, GEF Education, Culture, Youth Commission


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