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Global Esports Federation establishes Europe Esports Development Federation

EEDF builds on the success of the recent European Games Esports Championships, drives sustainable growth in European esports communities

The Global Esports Federation is proud to announce the establishment of the Europe Esports Development Federation (EEDF). This milestone is an immediate legacy of the inaugural European Games Esports Championships held in Katowice, Poland. The creation of the EEDF underscores the GEF's unwavering commitment to fostering the sustainable growth and development of esports communities worldwide.

The EEDF joins the successes seen in regional Development Federations, including the Africa Esports Development Federation, the Pan Am Esports Development Federation, and the recently formed Oceania Esports Development Federation. Together, these Development Federations provide valuable resources, education, and support in line with the GEF's mission to serve the global esports community.

President of the Europe Esports Development Federation, Andrzej Kraśnicki, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, stating, “The establishment of the Europe Esports Development Federation marks a significant step forward for European esports. By developing national federations, organizations, and stakeholders, we aim to cultivate an environment that nurtures talent, promotes inclusivity, and drives the sustainable growth of esports throughout Europe.”

President of the Global Esports Federation, Chris Chan, commented on the significance of the EEDF's establishment, saying, “We believe that the Europe Esports Development Federation will play a pivotal role in strengthening the European esports landscape. This lineup of leaders has played a central role in our European portfolio – from the Commonwealth Esports Championships to the Istanbul 2022 Global Esports Games and the recent European Games Esports Championships 2023. The leadership team shares a dedication to creating a vibrant and globally connected esports ecosystem.”

The Europe Esports Development Federation is led by:


Andrzej Kraśnicki (Poland)

President, European Games Esports Championships 2023 Organizing Committee; member of EOC Executive Committee; ANOC Executive Council; and WADA Foundation Board.

Vice President:

Chester King (Great Britain)

GEF Vice President; CEO, British Esports Federation

Aurelia Ruetsch (France)

GEF Board Member;

Chair, European Games Esports Championships 2023 Coordination Commission

Alper Afşin Özdemir (Türkiye)

President, Turkish Esports Federation; Senior Advisor to the GEF Board

Secretary General:

Samy Bessi (Belgium)

Vice President, Belgian Esports Federation

The Europe Esports Development Federation will serve as a catalyst for innovative collaboration and community-building within the European esports sphere. Through its strategic initiatives, the EEDF aims to empower athletes, support grassroots initiatives, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices.


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