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Elevating esports excellence: Chris Chan's unanimous re-election as President of Global Esports

Innovation, unity, and a global vision: Navigating the next chapter in esports leadership

In the dynamic realm of esports, Chris Chan was unanimously re-elected as the President of the Global Esports Federation at the 4th GEF General Assembly in Riyadh. 


“We have a great team here, and I am happy to carry on,” declares Chris as he gears up for a new term marked by innovation and progress, led by the GEF Chief Executive Paul J. Foster, and his team. He emphasizes the unity within the leadership, highlighting the collective commitment to elevating esports on the global stage.


Reflecting on his first term, Chris acknowledges GEF's remarkable growth and progress, defying the challenges posed by the pandemic. “While traditional sports were going into hibernation, we were picking up steam,” he notes, underlining the resilience and adaptability that defined GEF's journey.


At the core of GEF's philosophy is prioritizing athletes as primary stakeholders. Drawing from his experience as a Secretary General, Chris stresses the importance of providing athletes with valuable resources beyond their competitive careers, fostering a symbiotic relationship.


Chris’s experience in the Olympic movement extends to integrating unconventional sports into mainstream events, emphasizing the transformative potential of esports and the need for understanding and collaboration.


Building a robust, inclusive, and diverse community has been pivotal for GEF with dedicated Commissions such as Health & Wellness and Athletes, Players & Community. Collaborating with major organizations, such as UNESCO, underscores GEF's commitment to its core principles.


The success of recent events, including the Commonwealth Esports Games, European Games Esports Championships, and the Pan American Esports Championships, highlights the widespread appeal of esports. Chris’ presentation at the Commonwealth Games Federation General Assembly, meanwhile, underscores the opportunities for organizations to connect with youth.


Looking ahead, Chris remains focused on upcoming projects and the GEF's continued growth. The announcement of the Olympic Esports Games by the International Olympic Committee and the Global Esports Tour program promises an exciting year ahead for GEF.


As Chris Chan embarks on another term as President, his enthusiasm sets the tone for a dynamic and successful chapter in the ever-evolving world of esports.


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