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Global Events Portfolio Unveiled at the GEF's First @Townhall Session

The Global Esports Federation recently celebrated nine months since its worldwide launch in December 2019, hosting its first Connected @Townhall session. The session was attended by over 120 individuals from more than 65 countries and territories representing the 80+ members of the GEF. The meeting conducted in video format was attended by Member Federations, International Sports Federation, Global Publishers, Strategic Partners, and Members of the GEF Board, Commissions and Administration.

“The Global Esports Federation has grown significantly since our worldwide launch nine months ago. Over the past months, we have listened and adapted the way we convene the world esports community, creating opportunities to foster meaningful relationships and new platforms for global esports to thrive,”

said Chris Chan, President, Global Esports Federation. “The Connected @Townhall sessions serve as a platform for us to connect, engage and listen to our community, keeping them informed of our latest developments."

The GEF leadership team outlined the expansive global events portfolio during the townhall meeting – comprising of three key event formats. The core properties announced include the annual Global Esports Games – the flagship competitive esports event contested by athletes and players from Member Federations – to be held in December each year from 2021; and the World Esports Tour – a professional-level esports tournament held across the year in geographically diverse leading and emerging cities.

In addition, the GEF also revealed the plans for the #worldconnected Series – a community-based initiative inspired by its values of inclusion, diversity and innovation. The inaugural #worldconnected 2020 celebrates the first anniversary of the worldwide launch of the GEF on 16 December and will be staged online from 17-19 December 2020. The initiative comprises of the GEF General Assembly, GEFCon – thought-leadership conference and Continental and Regional Championships, in support of local esports communities worldwide. The GEF Board recently approved a support grant for qualified Member Federations participating in the #worldconnected Series. These resources will provide financial contributions for related costs and participation in the #worldconnected 2020 events.

“The announcement of the Global Esports Federation’s events portfolio further demonstrates our commitment to the world’s esports community. Working with the world's best Publishers, our yearly calendar of events creates powerful hosting opportunities for our diverse membership, and seeks to uplift the lives of many through our #worldconnected initiatives,” expressed Charmaine Crooks, Vice President and Chair, Athletes and Players Commission, Global Esports Federation.

“We have been working hard and listening to our many members in developing our events portfolio. The Connected @Townhall follows through on our conversations and convening efforts, offering the Global Esports Federation the platform to deepen our engagement and share our plans with the various stakeholders and to bring the esports community together,” said Kelvin Tan, Director of Secretariat, Global Esports Federation.

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