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Global Esports Federation unveils newly minted Digital Transformation Commission

Connecting the world’s technology sector and the dynamic esports community

The Global Esports Federation establishes the new Digital Transformation Commission (DTC) to convene leading members of the world’s technology sector, bridging the understanding between gaming, esports, active esports, sport, music, entertainment and technology. The Commission is Chaired by Dubai-based business leader and Vice-President of Emirates Esports, Abdulla Al Gurg.

The DTC will enhance the collective contributions of the innovative technology sector with strategic partner, the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and other GEF’s Global Social Impact Initiatives (GSIIs).

Abdulla Al Gurg, Chair, Digital Transformation Commission and Vice-President, Emirates Esports
“I’m delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the Global Esports Federation’s community and lead the work connecting the world’s technology sector,” expressed Abdulla Al Gurg. “As Chair of the forward-looking Digital Transformation Commission, we seek to bring together innovators and thinkers as we embrace a new chapter in the world’s digital transformation journey. The energy of the world’s esports community keeps us moving forward and thinking about tomorrow and beyond.”

“We look to the future and our connection and understanding across the diverse technology sector are becoming increasingly important. As we think about the way esports, sport, immersive education, music, and our creative culture is shaping opportunities for stakeholders and fans on every continent, we are creating a tangible path into the metaverse,” said Paul J. Foster, CEO of the GEF.

Abdulla Al Gurg is based in Dubai, a city that is a leading force in the esports community which is set to stage the first Global Esports Tour in June. Dubai is home to the VARA MetaHQ, the world’s first metaverse headquarters in The Sandbox established by Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA).

The Digital Transformation Commission joins the suite of GEF Commissions and Councils established to guide the thinking, innovation, and advance the progress of growth within the #worldconnected community.

The rapid developments in esports have accelerated immersive experiences and technology as the world entered various forms of physical isolation, providing us with a diverse global community to feel connected in real-time.

“As we re-emerge from that chapter, we look forward to opening channels for our digital reality to transform. We believe that the future is very bright and offers people everywhere the limitless connected experiences to bring humans together,” said Dr. Khizer Khaderi, GEF’s Senior Advisor for Science, Innovation and Technology Community and Founder and Director of Stanford’s Human Perception Lab.


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