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Lighting up the Future of Esports in the Metaverse

Global Esports Federation connects with 888 The New World, unlocking the world’s passion economy

The Global Esports Federation is powering the future of esports, through a new partnership with 888 The New World. The partnership focuses on actively supporting the dynamic esports community, culture, and innovation in the creative economy of the digital future, with the newly announced NFT marketplace set to revolutionize the crypto media movement.

“Our ambition to convene and support the world’s esports community keeps us laser-focused and energized. Our partnership with 888 The New World unlocks the vast potential for the hyper-inclusive passion economy – bringing together artists, culturists, musicians, designers, developers, engineers, storytellers, and more – everyone who has ever had a dream, an idea to share or a story to tell,” said Paul J. Foster, CEO of the GEF. “Congratulations and welcome 888 The New World to our #worldconnected. We are excited to shape this innovative new chapter, together.”

“In my eyes, art can take many forms and expressions far beyond visual experiences that we are today associate with art. In our new world, I also see art as music and gaming,” said 888. “We are honored to partner with the Global Esports Federation as the first step in celebrating the creativity, professionalism, skill, and pure talent that can be appreciated through the art, culture, and innovation of the esports community. We embrace the GEF’s commitments to fostering a digital future of inclusivity and legitimacy, which aligns with the core ethos of 888 The New World.”

Karsen Woods, Chief Experience Officer at 888 The New World, noted that the digital renaissance is being driven by artists while the future of Web 3.0 is driven by gamers and game developers. 888 The New World and the Global Esports Federation recognize there is so much to explore in the alignment between these principal industries and their respective communities. This partnership is a massive opportunity to shape a digital future that is diverse, equitable, innovative, and community-driven.

With this partnership, the GEF reaffirms its commitment and focus to drive new-world initiatives in service of the world’s esports community.


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