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Esports history made: Pan American Esports Championships arrives at Santiago 2023 Pan American Games

Sport and esports unite the continent in Santiago, Chile

GEFestival at Pan American Esports Championships, Santiago, Chile, featuring Cosplay Contest. Photo credit: Agencia Distrito Digital

Esports debuts at Panam Sports Organization’s flagship Santiago 2023 Pan American Games. The Global Esports Federation and Panam Sports have co-created the first-ever Pan American Esports Championships (#PEC23) in Chile’s vibrant capital, Santiago.

This historic Marquee event brings together the finest athletes from across the Americas to compete in 39 traditional sports and 2 popular esports titles – eFootball™ 2024 and Dota 2.

One of the many highlights of this unique convergence will be the esports athletes' participation in the Closing Ceremony of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games on November 5.

The #PEC23 esports athletes will live in the Pan American Village with their national counterparts, further solidifying the connection between traditional sport and esports.

In parallel with the Pan American Games, the GEFestival – a celebration of esports’ inclusive culture, games, music, and entertainment – runs from October 21. The esports competition is set for November 2 to 4 at the National Stadium Sports Park in Santiago.

The #PEC23 will see over 120 esports athletes hailing from 25 countries vying for national glory in both the Open and Women’s categories.

Paul J Foster, CEO of the Global Esports Federation, expressed his excitement, saying, “The #PEC23 represents a monumental step forward. It is amazing to offer tomorrow’s heroes the prestige of being at the Pan American Games. This major event shows the power of collaboration. We love the energy and optimism of our partnership with the Panam Sports Organization. The Global Esports Federation is proud to be part of this first step as we unlock the limitless potential of sports and esports, together.”

Pan American Esports Championships at Santiago 2023 Panam Games kicks off with GEFestival at the National Stadium Sports Park in Santiago. Photo credit: Agencia Distrito Digital

Neven Ilic, President of Panam Sports, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “The Santiago 2023 Pan American Games have always aimed to celebrate the richness of sport and the spirit of competition in all its forms. We are thrilled to introduce esports to the Pan American Games, embracing the digital realm and recognizing the incredible dedication and skill of esports athletes. This union will undoubtedly create lasting memories for players, youth and the whole community and provide an example for the future of multidisciplinary sports.”

Virtual reality experiences at Racket:Next: challenge your skills in virtual squash. Photo credit: Agencia Distrito Digital

The #PEC23, supported by PC Factory, is set to captivate fans, athletes, and enthusiasts alike, uniting the worlds of physical and digital sports like never before.

Catch the exciting action at the Pan American Esports Championships 2023, streamed LIVE in four languages – Spanish, English, Portuguese and Chinese, on GEF’s Twitch and YouTube, Panam Sports Channel, BTS Brasil, Epulze, Douyin, Douyu, and Huya.

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