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Global Esports Federation announces strategic partnership with Centro Caribe Sports

Partnership opens opportunities for the region, demonstrates esports as truly global

L-R: Luis Rafael Mejía Oviedo, President, Centro Caribe Sports; Paul J. Foster, CEO, Global Esports Federation; Mario Cilenti, Executive Director, Operations, Global Esports Federation; and Felipe Vicini Lluberes, President, INICIA Asset Management & President, Creso; in Santo Domingo for the signing of the partnership agreement.

The Global Esports Federation announces a strategic partnership with Centro Caribe Sports, at the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo.

The partnership paves way for a long-term plan aimed at developing esports in this dynamic region in Central America and the Caribbean. The GEF and the CCS will work together to bring to life the ambitions of this region to grow esports, particularly in gaming and immersive technology development, and human capital development.

“Central America and the Caribbean region have been part of our community since the Global Esports Federation was established and accelerated with the founding of the Panam Esports Development Federation. As we prepare to stage the Panam Esports Championships 2023 in Santiago this October, the focus has intensified, and opportunities multiplied, not only for the gaming community but for everyone, particularly for the youth.”
Paul J. Foster, CEO of the GEF

“This partnership shines light on the forward-thinking leadership at the Centro Caribe Sports and the limitless opportunities that esports provides here and across our #worldconnected,” he adds.

Paul J. Foster, CEO of GEF (left), and Luis Rafael Mejía Oviedo (right), President of CCS, sign the partnership agreement in Santo Domingo last week, looking forward to bringing to life the ambitions of this region to grow esports.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for Central America and the Caribbean. Esports provides dynamic access for the youth of our region to the international esports and gaming community, which has seen a meteoric rise in recent times. We are excited to work alongside the Global Esports Federation to develop and activate esports at the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games, and beyond.”

Luis Rafael Mejía Oviedo, President of the CCS

Mario Cilenti, Executive Director, Operations, GEF

As the GEF continues to expand and grow, the GEF has announced the appointment of founding GEF Board member, Mario Cilenti, as Executive Director, Operations. Reporting to the GEF CEO, Mario will step away from the Board to enhance the GEF’s leadership in the operations realm. Focusing initially on the Americas, particularly in the lead-up to the Santiago 2023 Panam Esports Championships, he will continue to serve as the President of the GEF’s Panam Esports Development Federation (PEDF).


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